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05/09/08 10:19 PM #1    


Shirley Parish

Welcome to the Washington High School Class Of 1968 forums. Any Washington Alumni may participate in this Forum.

Let's start our first discussion on "Where in the world are you?" and "What has happened since you graduated?" 1968 Graduates, you may post this information in your profile.

Your classmates are looking forward to hearing from you!!Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/31/20 06:56 PM #2    


Shirley Parish

Where in the U.S. are our classmates?  Blessings to everyone, especially those of you affected by Hurricane Laura.  Your classmates outside of Southwest Louisiana (Lake Charles, etc.) and Southeast Texas want to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Please use the message forum to let us know where you are, how you are doing and what your needs are.  We are more than happy to research resources for you and post here on the site and on Facebook.

Please keep us informed.  When we hear information in news briefings, I will post.  By the time I post, you may have already heard the update, but there maybe someone who hasn't.  Disregard if you already know.  Just make sure to pass it forward.  If you get information that you want me to post, please send to me via this site, email directly to or text me at (281)414-1344.

To file for federal individual assistance:

To file for state nutrition assistance:

For the rest of us not affected by Hurricane Laura and able to donate (no amount is too small) here are some suggestions:

God bless us all.  Stay Prayerful; Stay Hopeful; Stay Safe.




08/31/20 10:55 PM #3    


Shirley Parish

Posted on Facebook by Shawn Davis Thierry

The Red Cross has disaster supply and food sites at the following locations: Huber Park, 2401 Fourth Ave., Lake Charles (replaces the Civic Center); 2000 Moeling St., Lake Charles; Market Basket on Third Avenue in Lake Charles. They will provide items such as cots, mops, brooms, buckets, PPE, snacks and bottled water. Partnering with the Southern Baptists, Red Cross will also be providing two meals daily at these sites..Starting @ 12

Hot meals

Image may contain: text that says '**NEED HOT MEALS** CAJUN COMPASSION wants to extend the helping hand to all our neighbors displaced from home due to Hurricane Laura. CALL/TEXT: 337-852-9065 EMAIL: CONTACT US TODAY FOR A DELIVERY OF HOT MEAL NO COST'

As I sit to type this post, I don’t even know where to begin. The last 24 hours have felt like a week out of a bad science fiction novel. One news story I overhead said Laura is the “strongest hurricane to hit Louisiana in 150 years.”

Several realities I must convey to you...
Water: our water plants took a beating. Our capacity is a fraction of what it should be. There is barely a trickle of water coming out of most faucets in the homes of Lake Charles. We are working as quickly as possible to remedy this. I wish I had a firm ETA.

Power: basically same situation as above. Unless Entergy has released something that I very well could have missed, we also don’t have an ETA on power restoration.

So basically, if you come back to Lake Charles to stay, make sure you understand the above reality and are prepared to live in it for many days, probably weeks. “Look and Leave” truly is the best option for many.

Your City Employees worked their tails off today. Both public safety and other essential employees that stayed over have performed with passion and professionalism. I thank all of them again. We are putting the pieces back together as quickly as possible.

We took a major blow from Hurricane Laura, no doubt, but as I look around Lake Charles, I see things that are fixable, things that can be rebuilt, even better. We’ve done this before and we’ll do it again. We’ll do it because it’s in our DNA as Lake Charles.

From the desk of
Mayor Hunter

08/31/20 11:13 PM #4    

Joseph Lubin

Hello everyone.  I evacuated to Dallas, but I am back in Lake Charles.  I have a generator and will be staying.  I don't recognize Lake Charles.  But "all is well".

09/01/20 10:49 PM #5    

Emma Jean Davis (Johnson)

My prayers are with all of Lake Charles and surrounding areas that experienced this devastating hurricane.  May God continue to shine a light in each one of their paths. My sister provided the following information.
God Bless You,
Emma Jean Davis Johnson 

09/02/20 11:39 AM #6    

Emma Jean Davis (Johnson)

Great day everyone.  I apologize, but I must make corrections to the numbers submitted before.  The changes are in bold.

God Bless You,
Emma Jean Davis Johnson 

09/02/20 11:46 AM #7    


Shirley Parish

Above is the link to the "DISASTER ASSISTANCE AND EMERGENCY RELIEF" resource guide that Emma provided the phone number for.  The message forum does not allow attachments.

Stay prayerful; stay hopeful; stay safe.  God bless and protect you and your families.

Shirley Parish

09/03/20 10:36 PM #8    

Eary Goins (Orphey)

We are here in Houston with our son.  Was in Baton Rouge. Had substantial damage to our home but God is still good and we are still blessed. Going through the insurance process is a headache but hey, this too shall pass. Thanks for all the prayers.

09/04/20 07:58 AM #9    


Shirley Parish

Sorry for your loss.  Praise God for life.  Eary, you have the grace to deal with the insurance company, and all issues surrounding this disaster.  God is with you and all will be well.  He promises you better.  Stay prayerful; stay hopeful; stay safe.

Abundant Blessings


09/04/20 08:06 AM #10    


Shirley Parish

Anyone looking for temporary housing/food in Texas:

Texas Emergency Shelter - (888) 991-5229

09/04/20 10:05 AM #11    


Shirley Parish


Golden Nugget Lake Charles owner Tilman Fertitta has donated $1 million dollars to the Landry’s Employees in Lake Charles Relief Fund to aid employees and their families most affected by Hurricane Laura’s devastation. Employees can apply for assistance today by visiting #louisianastrong


09/04/20 10:08 AM #12    


Shirley Parish

09/04/20 03:33 PM #13    


Shirley Parish

Homeowners Affected By Hurricane Laura and Filing Insurance Claim:

Your insurance company may request the Emergency Declaration Mandatory Evacuation Order, you can get a copy of it at the following link:

Here is what it looks like.


09/05/20 09:39 AM #14    


Shirley Parish

FYI:  Look for Hurricane Laura updates on the Washington High Alumni Facebook page.  The Administrator is Shawn Davis Thierry.  Many of the relief activities posted here are from that page.

09/05/20 09:53 AM #15    


Shirley Parish

Blessings to All

FYI:  If you are in Louisiana and receiving temporary or permanent SNAP nutruition benefits, you are able to use the benefits for hot foods for the month of September.  Read more at the following link.

09/05/20 10:16 AM #16    


Shirley Parish


One of the first posts on the page states that FEMA is requesting to meet with residents at their homes in Louisiana for inspections.


Hurricane Laura Aftermath- Tracking FEMA resources and connections



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